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Having a spacefaring business is about seeing the future

#Marsrocket #Space has to be organised, booked, reserved, filled, classified, discharged... Such a public platform would be ideal for publicly available cargo information, including astronauts. That's why we came up with the domain, plus the domain, to build with that scope later maybe a possible platform, although there are certainly many other options to.

#ElonMusk is a man on a mission. He plans to drag our zivilisation over to Mars. And he wants to do it soon. To this end, he has been fanaticaly developing a pionearing interplanetary vessel, known as #Starship.

So what's inside that steeltube? Up on top in the nose cone wie find the pay load compartment. On current Prorotypes this is more or less empty, but in time it will be fittet out in to multi funtioning cargo bay. Altinatavly, depending on the application, cru quarters could hold up to 100 people confortably on a trip to Mars. By using such scenarios we can recognise the future world built into the plan and explore the implications of other possible, or probable worlds.

Think about a completely new skill set in order to prosper in the emerging, experience economy and forthcomming #Transformation #Economies. As we moove to, and, eventually, through it, it's srucial to understand the amzing thing, how it all really #connects.

Understanding the links between... Collecting and analysing historical data of space exploration of man, to get insights into their relationships, gave us satisfaction about very likely financially measurable outcomes.